Chill Out!

We asked the community to create an illustration that helps you beat the heat and keep you cool.

This is the coolest collection of chill we've every seen. Check out and chill out with the 143 illustrations that were submitted to this PLAY ALONG illustration party. What a display of talent! Not only did we see many beautifully illustrated maps and recipes, but also lots of beaches, ice cream, pools, shakes, cocktails, a few magically meditative moments!

It's never easy to pick "favorites," especially when the overall level of quality, brilliance, and talent is so high. The 24 illustrations featured below are just a sample of those that caught our eye for various reasons.

We thank all the members of this community for playing along!

12 Food-focused Favorites

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by Petra Villani 

Oh YES! Amazing styling and design! Love the sharp graphics and subtle textures. We're all in for this super chill treat. Mmmmm!

by Lori Burt

Super stylish! We love how Lori combined the fashion and cocktail. Wonderful vibes, Salli will try one of each only if she can wear the outfits too. :-)

by thuy com 

This little character is hilarious and certainly knows how to entertain itself! The breezy curtain, the funny details, this awesome illustration style–A+++!

by Stella Hong

Ahhhh! This is so much fun! What a great illustration. We can immediately see this as an editorial illustration in a magazine. Thanks for chillin' with us!

by Jeannie Cameron

We love the frosty lettering and lovely lavender background. It gives it a nice chill vibe. The melon is a great ingredient here! Summer at its best.

by Anna Tjan

We love the overall festivity that exudes from this dynamic illustration. So much great summer iconography. Plus, Anna's signature style pushes it over the top!

by Fiona

So many good suggestions. We need them all right now because its been an extra hot summer. The wrist trick is instant chill! Very cool illustration.

by Cynthia Jacquette 

This is brilliant and so refreshing! We'll have some sorbet, please. Snow cones are for kids :-). Love the icy vibes and fruity pastels. Thanks for the "chill" tutorial!

by Jennifer Hines

Where did you do the research for this great illustration, Jennifer?! Garlic soft serve? Pickle-flavored too?! Our minds are blown—who knew!?

by Daniela Glassop

It's a flavor exposion! We really love this super high-style color palette. Daniela's hand-lettering is perfect. The iconography is dynamically placed.

by Deborah Choi

This is delicious!!! Vegan is bonus! Deborah has managed to really capture the creaminess of this nice cream. Great peanuts!!

by Ashlesha Vyas 

We love how the Ashlesha's watercolor scoops bleed into each other just a bit, like a real cone! Great color, great texture, worth the ice-cream-headache!

12 Travel-themed Favorites

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by Lainey Yehl 

Take a cue from Lainey and you'll find your way to a very chill experience. What a brilliant idea! We will meet you at Lake Lemonade!

by Alanna Cartier

Just loungin' in the pool without a care in the world. Nice! We'd love to read the story behind these two characters.

by Chris Miller

A Zen garden...the epitome of chill. Extra lovely at the expert hand of Chris with her amazing watercolor talents.

by charisseysabel

Yes, please! Charisse titled this illustration The Summer of 69. It harks back to an awesome childhood memory. Let's try to relive moments like this more often!

by Yvonne 

Yvonne used her illustration skills to create a very dreamy and idyllic scene. It's like a beautiful garden dream. We feel at one with nature just by looking at this!

by Adel Rodricks 

Such a rad illustration style, right? This feels vintage and retro and fresh and hip all at the same tiem. These characters are super cool! 

by Cynthia Maniglia 

Ohhhhmmm. Sometimes an hour on the yoga mat is just what the doctor ordered. Cynthia's illustration is a beautiful reminder of that!

by Yeti

The colors used by Yeti make this illustration practically jump off our screen! This cool couple definitely knows how to relax and enjoy a day at the flea market.

by Olivia Strohm 

This looks like an amazing itinerary. Ocean breezes, check. Ice cream, check. Swimming, check! Plus a little bit of culture and cocktailing too. Fun times in Sarasota!

by Mrudula Divekar 

This is such a fun scene! Pass the samosas and refill my glass please! This circle of friends feels very festive!

by Shalini Soni Mazumdar 

This is such a funny and colorful scene! That crab cracks us up and that sneaky seagull! This character doesn't care about that—he is way too chill!

by Petra Villani 

What better place to cool off than a Swedish forest, right?! Love the sharp graphics and infographic style.