Scary Great!

We asked everyone to get in the Halloween spirit and illustrate some frightening food and scary sites!

This illustration party was full of ghoulish goblins, cute ghosts, and plenty of pumpkins! Check out the nearly 100 illustrations that were submitted to this PLAY ALONG illustration party. So many treats and even a few funny tricks! 

It's never easy to pick "favorites," especially when the overall level of quality, brilliance, and talent is so high. The 24 illustrations featured below are just a sample of those that caught our eye for various reasons.

We thank all the members of this community for playing along!

12 Frightening Foods

Click on each image to see a larger version and leave a comment for its creator.

by Stella Hong  

We love Stella's color palette and these creepy cute cupcakes. And the crystals and kitty photo! So many fun things tucked into this illustration! 

by Sophie Benmouyal 

“This is such a scary great pattern! We love these happy ghosts and fun lettering.

by Marcia Spoor 

There are so many scary great ideas here! Marcia's grandkids are very lucky. The owl cupcake is super cute. Halloscream!!!

by Josephine Skapare 

That could be Salli and her cat in the morning looking very witchy making a smoothie. We love the lettering and scary deliciousness!

by Fiona

Glowing!!! The pumpkin wearing a mask is perfect. This is 100% scary great and officially the best Halloween vibe!

by Sue Gibbins 

This is triple genius. What a great game, a scary idea and of course, a BRILLIANT illustration! We love Sue's fiery lettering. Our eyes and tongues are burning just thinking about playing this game!!

by Betsey Hodson 

This is such an adorable idea and fun illustration. We are going to get together with our niece and do this fun craft. Spider webs are perfect! How fun would it be if Betsey would create an entire Halloween illustrated craft book!?

by Jan Dolby 

Ahahahahaaaa!! These really are SCARY GREAT! Love the names—Candy Corn :-). We really like the colorful graveyard background too.

by Annelein Beukenkamp  

This is incredible! We love the very scary and creepy vibe and Annelein's expertly drawn hands. Thanks for using our fonts Annelein, they look great with your art!

by Cata Adelgoss-Mejia 

This warty witch is cracking us up! Great mixture of color and texture and spooky iconography. That black cat is looking so calm and she's used to all this Halloween craziness!

by Luciana Torre

Oh GOLLY! This turned out so fabulous. We like the yellow background and fun lettering. We are always so impressed with Luciana's watercolor skills!

by Courtney Prahl 

This is so fun! We really love the creepy crawlers and eyeballs. Those hands!!! This is truly Scary GREAT!

12 Spooky Sites

Click on each image to see a larger versionand leave a comment for its creator.

by Ashlesha Vyas  

We think this looks amazing Ashlesha! Love the peekaboo view of the witch in the window. And a perfect color palette too!

by Veronika Glazunova  

What a scene!!! This is the best! We are loving all the fun little details, like "13" on the jersey, the pretty leaves, the jailhouse dog, and these awesome ghosts and bats. All so great!

by Graylan Wake

Oh, Ok, Graylan went to town with this one!! Awesome work. So much to love about this illustration: the sites, the compass (!), the ghosty glow, the state bird (!!), and this perfectly on-point title lettering. A++! This map would be a fun itinerary to tour NC. We've been to the Grove Park Inn and it does indeed has a weird vibe!

by Alanna Cartier 

Hahahahahahaha! This is THE best! We're cracking up. So much fun energy. We love how Alanna uses black lines so sparingly, just enough to express a fold or a detail or an edge. Good look. Sweet moves!!! Now we can't get that song out of our heads!

by Olivia Strohm 

This is amazing! So many fun details. Those cute bats plus the fun spider webs add the perfect touch. Funny puns too!  Great looking illustration overall.

by Jane Sanders  

Jane's style is just SO COOL! There are many things to love here: Santa the driver, purple fuzzy dice, fun wood paneling, and those crazy great bat wings! Plus, the wood paneled station wagon—such a classic.

by Carolyn Vibbert 

We really love that Carolyn kept this all black and white. Those floating skulls and little pumpkins are fantastic. Super nice job styling the trees and houses, too!

by Shelley Hanmo Qian 

This is a super festive Halloween swamp—love the spider webs and water bits. All cut paper...amazing.

by Chelsea Ragan  

Super scary cute! We can't believe you created this picket fence one paper bit at a time. It looks like Chelsea has fun creating the painted papers for everything. It's an amazing technique!

by Sandra Jessop 

Ha! The witch tossing candy from the roof is funny!! This has a scary great vibe, we can almost feel the night time air and hear that frog giving a little croak!

by Jody McLain  

Fun and very festive!! We love those cute little bats, the candy corn, the color palette, the blue pumpkin, and that big spooky spider. Such a great scene.

by Gina Lento 

This is a fantastic idea. What a scene! We didn't know that "...things that go bump..." came from a poem. We love this interpretation. Good one! And that cute baby owl. Love all these little details.