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The Illustrator's Circle is a membership program that provides exclusive access to illustration prompts, live-video drawing events, and concept-based creativity exercises.

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As a member, we prioritize the promotion of your illustrations in our publications, our Instagram feeds, and our Illustration of the Day features.

Members also have exclusive access to special programs: PLAY ALONG, DRAW ALONG, and LEARN ALONG.


PLAY ALONG is an ongoing series of theme-based prompts created to get you started on your next great illustration. 

Current Theme:

 Feeling Festive
    (Nov 5 to Dec 22)
Celebrate the holiday season with a festive illustration!
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Past themes:

Scary Great
Spooky spots and frightening foods! 
See the Curated Gallery

A to Z
Illustrate your alphabet—lovely letters, terrific text! 
See the Curated Gallery

Chill Out!
Create an illustration that helps you beat the heat. 
See the Curated Gallery

It's all Greek to me!
Celebrates the scenery and "cuisinery" of Greece.
See the Curated Gallery

My Happy Meal
Illustrate a meal that makes you happy!
See the submissions

My Happy Place
Illustrate a place that makes you happy!
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DRAW ALONG is an monthly series of Zoom events with Nate & Salli to add a creative spark to your illustration practice.

Future events:

 Drawing Along with History Eats!
    (Dec 15, 11:30-12:30pm EST)
*Link emailed to members prior to event

Past events:

Special Guest!
Drawing along with Dinara Mirtalipova.

Abstraction Distraction
Inserting abstraction into your drawing practice.

Scary Great Kickoff!
Brainstorm session.

The Importance of Personal Projects
Adding a creative break to your daily regimen.

Special Guest!
Drawing along with Jennifer Orkin Lewis.

A to Z Kickoff!
Brainstorm sesssion.

Creating Playful Hand Lettering
Tips and tricks to tackle text treatments.

One Shape, Many Forms
A fast-paced brainstorm technique.

Drawing & Talking!
Drawing a still life, talking about drawing.

Ask Us Anything...about Greeting Cards!
An open forum about greeting cards.

Am I Dreaming?
Strengthening conceptual thinking skills.

Creating your Happy Illustration
Creating a narrative-based illustration.



LEARN ALONG is an email design exercise that flexes your illustration style and boosts your creative thinking skills.

Future topics:

Stack Up Your Favorite Things
    (Dec 14)

Past topics:

 Nestle In & Draw Close: Thankfulness
Create a Holiday Greeting Card
Doodle Theory
How to Draw Something You Can't Draw
Make Your Own Font
Scale Matters
Blind Color Palettes
Wake Up and Draw the Coffee
The Greeting Card Business
10 Ways to Draw Brocolli
Breaking Color Boundaries
Learning to Draw a Bicycle



“I learned so many things that I can immediately put into practice to improve my lettering. I joined the Illustrator's Circle after seeing a post about the Playful Lettering DRAW ALONGg on Salli's instagram this morning, and I am so glad I did! I feel like I got my membership money's worth already, but more importantly, it was well worth the time spent, which is about the highest compliment I can offer to anyone or anything these days.“


“The PLAY ALONG parties are a great mixture of challenge, playfulness, and laboratory to me. I enjoy them and I enjoy to see the illustrations of all the others. Very inspiring!”

“I think you are doing a great job with THEY DRAW. I love the tutorials and the live webinars.”

“I find your themes and approach very helpful and inspiring. My favorite types of content so far have been all the conceptual games/ideas/exercises and the insight into the greeting card market.”

“When I share it with friends, I describe Illustrator’s Circle as a friendly art community that inspires creativity.”

“Its great to see everyone else’s methods and it’s nice to meet the people behind their artwork too. Put simply, its good to connect with others when you work in isolation at home!”

“I am really enjoying the Illustrator’s Circle. Mostly because the energy is great. It’s fun and inclusive and informative.”

“I belong to two illustrators groups and I just encouraged both to check out THEY DRAW. I told them to consider joining the Illustrator’s Circle because it has been a great value for me.”

“You guys are always there whenever I need a little inspiration boost. I have benefitted so much from your web presence throughout the years!”

“The DRAW ALONG meetups on Zoom are an absolute treat. I like how you start conversations and seem to have a structured plan for the sessions that leaves room for everyone to chime in.”

“I definitely like the PLAY ALONGS. I find them inspiring and they take me out of my comfort zone, which is good! The Illustrator’s Circle as a safe space to learn and explore.”

“I love all of it!”

“I've loved the PLAY ALONG prompts and the DRAW ALONG Zoom chats, which are so helpful.”

“THEY DRAW is unique in the way it chases the fun and quirky approaches to illustration concepts that focus more on creativity than technical skills.”
—Ohn Mar

“I love this site and the artists that contribute!”

“I have thoroughly enjoyed being a member of the Illustrator’s Circle! You do an amazing job at working with people at all stages of their careers.”

“The idea of teaching concept-driven methodologies and abstract thinking skills is a wonderful idea!”

“THEY DRAW is a beautiful community born of two wonderful and generous souls. And, thank you so much for the fonts—fantastic!”

“THEY DRAW has been so generous and has done so much for the creative community!”

“Thank you so much for creating an amazing platform. You've created such a great opportunity for artists to share integral pieces of themselves.”

“I just watched and played along with the latest  DRAW ALONG exercise. You kill it every time. Thank you for your thoughtful exercises and for being there for the community. You two are amazing.”

“You created an awesome community, a really great concept and your support of artists is more than amazing.”

“It’s really great being a part of the Illustrator’s Circle community. The emails and Zoom meetups have been fun!”

“While I dislike participating on Zoom,  I really  appreciate watching the recordings afterwards!”

“Thank you for the DRAW ALONG meet ups on Zoom.  I have learned so, so much!”

“It’s fun to see faces and draw together with people that I’ve been following from around the globe. It’s a nice break from my busy life and feels good to be part of an illustrator community.”

“I love my interaction with Nate & Salli, as well as with the other members of the Circle.”