Hi! My name is Giao (it’s pronounced “Zow”), and I am an illustrator and graphic designer. I live in the suburbs of New York City in Northern New Jersey with my husband, two daughters, and our smoky-eyed hound, Maggie.

I am a big fan of creating pictures. When I can just sit and draw is when I am the happiest. I would be honored to share with you that happiness in the illustrations I create.

One of my favorite childhood memories, which dates back to when I was a mere 4-year-old, is of my father sitting with me at my Mickey Mouse Activity Desk, the two of us sketching and painting two side-by-side trees on the same piece of manila paper. It was a moment of parent-child bond and pure play. It was a moment that emboldened in me the love of creating and imparting images from my brain onto a tangible surface for anyone to see.

My Illustrations