Hi! I'm Vesna, an Oslo-based illustrator who recently discovered the joy of cooking. As a visual learner, I prefer pictures over text. That is why I started to build an illustrated recipe archive from day one of my cooking adventures. Many of those recipes I share with my subscribers since I believe that sharing is caring.
Since I'm a beginner cook, I know how intimidating cooking can seem. For that reason, I tend to design recipes to be as understandable as possible. I combine food illustration and infographics, but I also choose more simple recipes. I usually choose recipes that take up to an hour to prepare because the joy of cooking for me lasts approximately that long.

Illustration style:
I like to experiment with art materials and colors. However, I always lean toward realism. Different textures and patterns are also often part of my illustrations.

Favorite themes:
Except for cooking, I also enjoy nature. I was into natural history art for years, mainly drawing butterflies.
I have a master's degree in architecture. Although I didn't work in that field for a very long time, my love for drawing buildings is still strong.

If you like my style and would like to collaborate or hire me, please feel free to contact me via email.

My Illustrations