Map of Sekaido in Tokyo, Japan


If you visit Tokyo and get a chance to come around Shinjuku area, I’d like to introduce you to this amazing art supply store called SEKAIDO. In this 6 story building, you’ll find absolutely everything to make arts and craft. Stationery, papers, paintings, paintbrushes, sculpturing, clay, frames, office supplies, I can go on forever! SEKAIDO truly is an artist’s heaven and it’s the cheapest in the town! I usually meander around on the 1st floor checking on new items and always buy MONO erasers and different sizes of double-sided tapes. Then I go to the 2nd floor to savor beautiful papers, and the 3rd floor to indulge myself into the sea of colorful paintings and pastels! To finish off, I have yummy ice cream sundaes at a lovely tea lounge on the 5th floor. This place is a paradise. I wish I could live on its rooftop and be surrounded by the sea of art supplies everyday!