Ajiaco Bogotano

Lisa Cortes Bueno

Baraboo, WI, US


My father was born in Colombia, with sisters and brothers who still live there, and our family is very close to our heritage. This past Christmas, we decided to make a delicious food that my father and sister had tried while in Colombia a couple of years ago: Ajiaco Bogotano. It's a rich, comforting soup, a cultural icon of Bogotá in particular and a wonderful dish for sharing with family and friends. In America, it is often necessary to special order the guascas for the recipe, and mazorca is the proper corn to use (instead of sweet corn, mazorca is tougher and less sweet, requiring more time to cook), but papas criollas can be replaced with yukon gold, dutch creamer, or baby dutch yellow. I highly recommend ajiaco, it is sure to delight!