Peanut Butter Rice Balls

Elaine Sher
Seattle, WA, US

All three of my peanut butter recipes are originally from my mom. I tested them in my own kitchen before illustrating them to make sure I include my own variation to it along with all the tips and tricks. My illustration principle is that it helps make Chinese cooking less intimidating and more like child's play. Plus, of course it has to be pretty too. This particular recipe is one of the most requested desserts for potluck. And believe it or not, it is a traditional Chinese dessert, we just don't call it peanut butter in the past, but "mushy peanut". :) There is also a variation that serves the rice balls in a light syrup or simply in the water that cooks the rice balls. But I prefer this as it's easier to eat and last a few days in the fridge.