Super Turmeric and its Great Friends

Luciana Torre Art

Viareggio, Lucca, IT


Super Food Entry

Curcumin is turmeric’s secret weapon and represents 3% of its total weight.
Due to its curcumin content, the health benefits of turmeric are:

Fighting inflammation
Powerful antioxidant
Protects the heart in various ways
Helpful for arthritis
Brain boosting
May be helpful for fighting diabetes and cancer

Turmeric is even more powerful with its two best friends!

Do you know BLACK PEPPER & OIL makes turmeric up to 2000% more effective?
Black pepper contains piperine, which dramatically improve the effects of turmeric.
Furthermore, assuming a small amount of oil (of any type) significantly increases the absorption of the active ingredient: curcumin.

For this reason, when you use this spice for cooking or natural beauty recipes, make sure to add a little black pepper & some drops of oil as well.