The Best Thin Crust Pizza Recipe

Steph Calvert

Atlanta, Georgia, US


I created this thin crust pizza recipe illustration for the Food Geometry challenge. As I started sketching ideas of foods that could relate to geometry, pizza just kept coming back into my mind. You can practice fractions with pizza, which makes it the perfect homework food!

Can you spot examples of these geometry terms in my pizza recipe?
• tangent
• right triangle
• concentric circles
• squares
• line segments
• radius
• perpendicular lines
• vertex
• acute angles

I love this homemade thin crust pizza recipe because it's easy - you can bake it from scratch and have it on the table in about 30 minutes! The crust also doesn't have the yeasty flavor we've experienced with some other pizza recipes we've tried in the past.

And if you're on a budget, this thin crust pizza recipe is a no brainer. For the cost of about 2 frozen pizzas, you can pick up enough supplies to make way more homemade pizzas that don't contain tons of preservatives and other random ingredients found in the freezer section.