Blackberry Picking!

Bridgett Stahlman
Sarasota, FL, US

Fav Memory-My favorite childhood memory is picking blackberries with my family. Mom would give us each a pot and we would pick one and eat three! Afterwards my mom would take them back to the kitchen and would make blackberry cobbler the smell of it baking was so good! It was and still is my all time favorite. I would walk by and get a spoon and take bites every time I walked by. We lived in a 100 year old log cabin and the blackberry bushes in the meadows nearby were thick so there was so many of them. My mom would make jam with them also. Unfortunately there is a bad memory involved also. The bushes harbor nasty little bugs called chiggers and I can remember many times being covered in calamine lotion for a week and scratching myself raw. It was all worth it though! Blackberry cobbler is the best!!