La torta di mele


Legnano, Milano, IT


This is my mom recipe, probably the only one she gave me!
Not because she's mean, but because she doesn't really love cooking.
In fact calling it recipe is a big word!
It's more about putting this ingredients together till having a nice dough, unless add more flour or milk
But anyway this was my first (failed) cooking experiment and also my final arrive
Create something based on what there's in the pantry, always with a smile on, and adding love as secret ingredient
I watched her making this cake so many times.. but never in the same way and never failed! and always asking how is that possible?
The perfume of this cake, a mix of apple sugar and cinnamon, bring me direct at childhood when dad, just back home, were turning the face of a heavy working day into a happy smile just smelling in the air that the apple cake was in the oven!
Even if I worked in many pastry shops, this one is the only cake I'm not able to reply because every time I try to add some perfections in it and that end just to ruin it!
If you'll try to make it, you'll ends out with a really good cake but believe me: nothing compared with my mum's one!!