Taco Night

Steph Calvert

Atlanta, Georgia, US


As I was thinking about what I could illustrate for the Fave Memory challenge, one thing kept spilling out onto the sketchbook. My brainstorming was full of things my husband and I have cooked together with our family in the past thirteen years. I decided to play a little bit of a Newlywed Game with Josh, and I texted him to ask what some of his favorite things were to cook together.

Tacos were almost top of the list for both of us so I ran with it! The best part of cooking with my husband is when we crank up the music, and we hang out in the kitchen working together. It's super relaxed, and his wonky work schedule means it's not something that happens all the time so it's pretty special to me. I let him lead, and I answer him with lots of "yes chef!" as he asks for this onion to get chopped or that lettuce to get washed while he cooks up the hamburger meat. And when all the ingredients are ready, taco night feels like a party in our house. We put all the ingredients in small bowls on the table, and our kids have a blast building their perfect tacos!