Meat & Cheese

Lindsay Roberts
Buffalo, NY, US

Fave Memory
When I first met my husband, we were both working at a specialty grocer. He was a butcher, while I was working in the neighboring department as a cheesemonger. While food was always a big part of our relationship and our mutual love of cooking a common ground to build from, cheese and charcuterie boards were always held to a higher standard. Whenever any of our coworkers found out that we were dating, the first words out of their mouths were always “Awww meat and cheese, paired together just like a platter!” Whether it was our first grocery store shopping trip together to make a little snack plate for a date night in or the massive tabletop cheese board we created for the first Thanksgiving we hosted together, we’ve always tried to live up to our nickname. So it’s no surprise that when we got married two weeks ago, most of the gifts we received were centered around this theme. We were pretty thrilled to spend our honeymoon eating through the cooler full of cheeses and charcuterie we left our reception with!