BBQ symphony

Li Zhang

New York, New York, US


#Fave Memory

BBQ is always my favorite. It's not just a kind of food, but also a life style, when you are quite relaxed outside with friends and family, cooking and eating delicious BBQ with laughs.That is the best thing in the life.

In my memory, summer BBQ party is like the food symphony. All kinds of food with different taste together play a lovely symphony.

the barbecue is a matter of five senses: you listen to the meat on the fire and you can't bear seeing it. When you watch the meat turn from red to gray, that scene can scratch your heart and go straight into your chest. When you smell it, you can't help to reach out your hand to the fire and grab the grilled string. Baked, sprinkled, and served on the table, and the sound of rustling. At this moment, you are eager to have a bottle of ice beer, the wine is poured into the glass, and the foamy snow rushes out. Before the taste is gone, the sense of smell, hearing and vision are telling you how wonderful this thing is.

In the human gene, there is a deep love for barbecue. Therefore, eating barbecue, that is what our ancestors had, the most primitive instinct of human beings!