My Journey of Moving to a New City: Melbourne!

Melbourne, Victoria, AU


This place is special to me because it describes my journey of relocating to a new city after living in my home country for 27 long years. The initial challenges and explorations are what this illustrated map is all about!
I and my partner [whom I call "Bunny" and is depicted as one here ;)] arrived in Melbourne in mid-year 2019. Melbourne being voted as one of the best cities to live in the world, we were very excited to discover the new city and somehow we managed to have a fair bit of it in the initial few months; from watching a footy game at the Marvel Stadium, watching penguins at the St. Kilda Pier to seeing KAWS at the National Gallery of Victoria. The crucial part was to find a place we could call our "Home", but after hopping from my sister's place to an interim Airbnb location and finally after a month finding our own house was a journey worth documenting. We were exposed to many different areas of Melbourne during the house-hunt in just one month of our arrival and eventually ended up exploring very interesting places and having some amazing experiences on our way.
After a few months, all I can say is - " Melbourne took my heart! "