A Summer Weekend In Lake George NY

Lindsay Roberts

Buffalo, NY, US


This place is special to me because it reminds me of my childhood. When my family moved out of state, my sister and I still remained close to our mutual best friend from our hometown in upstate NY. Though we didn’t see each other often, we could always count on spending one magical weekend together in the summer! Every summer my sister and I would spend a few weeks visiting our grandparents just south of Lake George, NY. Conveniently, our best friends’ grandparents had a cabin just north of Lake George. So naturally, Lake George became our spot! Martha’s Dandee Cream was always the drop off/ pick up spot, and from there it was a weekend filled with mini golf, theme parks, arcades, and kitsch statues (it was’t until years later that I realized not every area has these weird old theme park statues running rampant)! Now that we are adults and have cars of our own, our meeting spots have changed, but every once in awhile a drive through the village of Lake George is on the agenda and it’s retro charm never disappoints!