Historical Engeløya

Ane S. Reinholdtsen

Engeløya, Steigen, NO


My absolute favourite place on earth is the island where I grew up; Engeløya. The island is located in the north of Norway, in-between Bodø and Lofoten.

The map I have illustrated only covers a fraction of the history and sites Engeløya contains. I've chosen an area on the south-west end of the island, where the majority of sites and landmarks are datet to the iron and viking era, when Engeløya was an important site of power. Whenever we have visitors coming to the island, they all have to join on a mandatory sightseeing drive around the island. And Stegen/Laskestad(the place I have illustrated)are some of the most important stops. On a normally 30 minute drive, the sightseeing trip will take up to 2 hours with my family behind the wheel.

If you ask me, Engeløya is the best place to grow up. The island is packed to the brim with historical attractions, mixed with medium tall mountains, long white beaches, midnight sun and some pretty typical Norwegian residents.