Azerbaijan Breakfast

Olga Akbarova
San Jose, CA, US

In Azerbaijan, food is the center of everyday life and people here love eating. Since, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, they know how to add variety to it. For starters a well prepared tea is a must. Usually, it`s a black tea that can be flavoured with a slice of lemon, cloves or wild thyme. Other basic elements of a Azerbaijan breakfast are bread and cheese. Tendir is a bread made in a clay oven. Lucky you if you had a chance to try it right after it was baked! Cheese is another important part of the breakfast. Usually you can try 3-5 varieties during the meal. Also, you can enjoy freshly baked bread with farmed made butter and honey. Yum! And, for sure, you have to save some room for the main dish of the breakfast: Pomidor Yumurta - eggs and tomatoes, sautéed in butter. After that a long Azerbaijan breakfast should end with a cup of of the black tea in a traditional tea cup - armudu.