Scandinavian Rosettes Recipe

Steph Calvert

Atlanta, Georgia, US


I created this Scandinavian Rosettes recipe for the Global Cuisine challenge.

If you’ve never had rosettes before, they’re basically tiny funnel cakes.

And they’re delicious.

Rosettes hold a super special place in my heart because they are my one and only memory of my great-grandmother. It’s almost a hazy dream-like memory, but I can still vividly remember being at her house when I was visiting as a little girl. She stood in her small town Wisconsin kitchen making these cookies for us when we came to visit. The way the branding iron looking contraption fries the dough was so fascinating to watch.

I can also remember a weird zip line contraption that can fly you around the backyard at super fast speeds, and falling down a hill for what seemed like an hour.

That part I know was a dream.

But the rosettes. They were real.