Beans Beans the Magical Fruit Infographic

Steph Calvert

Atlanta, Georgia, US


I created this Cool Beans infographic for the World Pulses Day 2020 call for art - the more I dug into interesting bean facts (did you know the US is 6th in the world in bean production and exports 20% of their beans to help feed other countries?), the more the age old song started playing on repeat in the back of my mind.

Beans beans the magical fruit...

Did you know beans gained popularity during World War II because they're such an inexpensive but nutritionally complete food?

The whole part of the song talking about beans as a fruit was always confusing to me as a kid, but during this project I learned any food that develops from the flower of a plant is considered a fruit. Beans and pulses (dry beans) grow from the fruit of the bean plant, making them a fruit!

I have so many rad bean facts to share, I also reformatted my infographic into a vertical orientation for easy sharing on social media - you can check it out here: