Porotos Veraniegos en Aceite. Summer Beans in Oil.

Ardilla Studio
Ciudad de Buenos Aires, Bs. As., AR

A round pool full of happy little chubbies swimming.

Summer was, all through my childhood, spending time at Grandma's house.
My grandmother, an excellent cook, always prepared the best complete menu for the whole family. Starter, main course, and a delicious dessert. My goodness! My grandmother's homemade ice cream... (but that's another story).
Anyway, no matter what the menu of the day was, always at Grandma's house, you would find the same appetizer: beans in oil.
My grandmother used to serve the beans in oil in an old round ceramic casserole barely blue. It had a small broken grimace, where my grandmother would put a spoon in exactly the same way so that nobody would notice the breakage.
As soon as the pot was placed in the centre of the table, the fantasy began, the pool opened its doors crowded with happy little Chubbies swimming away one by one.