Mapping This Moment: the HIGHS and Lows

Joanne Frances DeWald
Riverside, New Jersey, US

this style of book is called a “lotus fold” and it very much reminds me of a folded map. i wanted to make this one into a diary of this time. the peaks and valleys of the book mimicking the highs and lows of my emotions.

seeing a story that the earth is slowing healing itself while we have been hiding away, a HIGH.

my mom learned that an ER doctor she had worked with contracted coronavirus while saving other people. while i’m thankful my mom had just retired before this all started. that was sad to hear. a very LOW.

a HIGH was watching people band together in the beginning, like on 9/11. people helping each other. quietly waiting in line outside the grocery store and letting the older people know they could go to the front of the line without anyone grumbling.

a friend of mine announced he was looking to rehome his dog because his financial situation was affected by the pandemic. everyone was trying to convince him to find another solution. that was a LOW day.