Mapping This Moment: Staying Home ART MAP

Simone Viegas

Lisbon, Lisbon, PT


Singing with my husband , baking and painting are part of my relaxing moments. But some are very stressful, like when the grocery box is delivered at my doorstep. Video calls with friends and family are very helpful. I have a call with my Mom every day, She is alone at home so is the way we can stay close! But we can't forget that at 7 pm is time to clap at our balconies and be grateful for the hard work of the Front-line care workers. At the end of the day Netflix is our best friend. I am glad to be safe and healthy until now! I forgot to draw about my online Yoga class. I'm trying to do at least twice a week!! I can't promisse more! I have lots of things to do at Home!