Welcome to the Hipnic!


Winnipeg, Manitoba, CA


Where everyone wants to be! The hippest picnic around :) The inspo? Well, the fab prompt and a chat with my sister about the (occasionally, down right unbelievable) online dating scenarios she has experienced....I asked her, "how the heck do you date in the time of COVID?" She replied, "well, you either zoom, which I prefer as an initial vetting tool, or you go on a social distanced picnic!" Now, a few precautions: you must wear masks, sit 6ft apart and not share food....which I realize is not ideal, but if we are going to be social, we have to be responsible right now. So what to eat on a hipnic? Why, the most trendsetting foods of course - all grilled on a (well-seasoned) retro 1970s hibachi picked up at your local thrift store - shishito peppers with sea salt, avocado toast on grilled Poilane sourdough (I can dream of Paris, can't I?), melty/deliciously squeaky/salty halloumi cheese. Washed down with beautifully sunset-hued Aperol spritzes or skin contact wine, this picnic is as hip as they come. Please excuse if there have been some new gustatory trend revelations, but I haven't been to a restaurant in a loooooong time. Hope everyone is staying safe and well. I don't know about you guys, but drawing has become even more of an outlet during the past few months. Ever 'grate'ful for this community. Xoxo