Picnic At Dan Foley Park

Gina M. Brown

Williamsburg, Michigan, US


Picnic challenge.

It was the first year we were married, and I felt so grown up! We packed a picnic and walked to the park, carrying a nifty thing called a picnic ball (which held nested plastic plates and cups), chicken I had made from a new recipe called "Lemon Lime Picnic Chicken", and a wine tote (though we weren't technically old enough!). However, some "helpful" soul had told us to be sure to take Wonder bread for the geese. New Husband started setting up the army blanket while I got out the Wonder bread. As soon as the geese saw the bag, they stampeded towards me, turning me back into a toddler at dad's farm afraid of the geese nipping at my shorts. What could I do but hop onto the top of the picnic table..where I discovered it was a good thing we were eating some distance away, as the whole area was covered in goose poop!