Connecting with Constellations

Ohn Mar Win

Hertfordshire, GB


When my daughter was 6 we were looking for something to occupy our evenings. She had her brother's old (think vintage) telescope but we had no way of know what we were looking at. With a quick google search I found several apps that would help us identify the twinkling dots above. We were enthralled by the new discoveries and would stay up later and later to watch Mars appear over the horizon or catch the ISS zoom pass. It was a wonderful mother daughter bonding experience as she was allowed to stay up late and handle my phone as we panned the night sky from a near by field. Then we'd walk home hand in hand talking about what we'd seen. Even now we still keep an ear out for any exciting developments like the SpaceX zooming pass or NEOWISE comet ( which we both saw) It was a very special time and one I'll always treasure.