12780 Salamony Asteroid

Gina M. Brown
Williamsburg, Michigan, US

Yes, there really IS a Salamony Asteroid! It was discovered in 1995 and named for my sister Sandra, who at the time was creative director for Sky Publishing. She was presented with a potato having roughly the same shape of her asteroid. The potato quickly sprouted, which made me think of the possibilities. Perhaps on her asteroid, you could ask it to sprout any vegetable, any time, to the desired degree of ripeness! Imagine fresh sweet corn, asparagus, and baby carrots ON THE SAME DAY! I further imagine this as a place where the clouds record your favorite moments and retain them as long as you want. Finally, you can swim at night and be serenaded by an orchestra formed by constellation instruments, the sound being produced when the stars twinkle. Yeah, I think I could live there!