The Dispossessed

Melissa Elliott

Los Angeles, California, US


This map is based on a classic work of science fiction by Ursula K. LeGuin. The book is a philosophical and political discussion of anarchy (within a collective frame) vs. capitalism, as anarchists leave their home world of Urras to set up a practical utopia on its moon, Anarres. Two hundred years later, a physicist challenges both lifestyles in his quest to work freely.

This is mixed media, with collage, gesso, Daler Rowney inks, watercolors, gel pens, Uniball pen, and pencil, on watercolor paper. I worked at the actual size, which presented some challenges, and didn't remember the rule to leave the 1.25-inch center empty of text. Oh well...a spontaneous exercise that took me two days instead of the usual week of work, so it's all good.