Roast Apples

Cornelia Duemling

Hamburg, Hamburg, DE


The apples are harvested now and ready to be transformed into a whole lot of delicacies. Roast apples are uncomplicated, comforting, but delicious. We like to eat it with lukewarm vanilla sauce. Mmmmh!
For baking slightly tart apples are best. So I incorporated in this recipe a selection of tart apples that work well for baking. Delbarestivale is ripe in late summer, when the other baking apples are not available yet. Boskop is my all time favorite: it has a wonderfully complex aroma when baked, but I don‘t like to eat it raw. Cox orange, Elstar, and Jonagold are juicy and fresh when eaten raw, but when they are more ripe and tender they are perfect for baking. Granny Smith is my choice if I cannot get one of the other kinds, as they are available nearly all year round from some place over the world.