A Daily Walk in Gdansk, Poland...as an ASP Student!

Yagmur Basgul
Ankara, TR

If you want to experience a day of ASP student, here is a map to follow through. This a typical daily walk from back in my days Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk. In the cold winter days, it was really hard to leave the house for the itchy cold. My day starts with a run to the classes, and of course deadlines. After the classes I used to go to get coffee and work in one of my favourite cafes in old town, Drukarnia. I was walking through the Basilica, where it is always windy in front. Always. Somedays, my road was changing to stop by some friends' houses, but usually ends up with a cup of coffee. And of course, if you do not share a drink with friends in a Scottish Pub, the day does not count and you need to start all over again...