Kenley Air Field in Surrey, UK


Kenley, Surrey, GB


A Walk Through History. Kenley ,a small village in south London is full of beautiful woods and walks. I have lived here for the last 10 years and enjoyed this place very much. Kenley Air Field has fascinated me. Its an excellent area to walk and explore the history of Britain. This RAF Air Field was actively used until the late 1960.It played an important role in WWII and a lot of the original blast pens and bunkers still stand proudly to this day. Now this Air field and the runways are used by the Surrey Hill Gliding Club. The area around the air field is open for public use. We run, walk, jog, exercise, ride bikes ,walk the dogs and more. On a good day its perfect for a you enjoy your sandwich and a drink you can also watch the gliders take off and land.