‘Um’n Pudding’ — Short Evening Walk With(out) Cat

Christiane Becker
Oyten, Niedersachsen, DE

The evening is the best time for a little walk, just around the corner. The streets are calm, the people are at home and (… that’s the best, I admit it …) they turn their lights on! So you can see all that little stories of live behind the windows. And our cat? Feely is always very enthusiastic at the at the start, but she remembers her personal limits quite quickly. So only some big Meows follow me and a reproachful but relieved cat waits for me at the end. So we draw together a map about our walk in honour to that all-day-pleasures. And – as in every good map – there’s an unknown territory: the reign of the Grey Cat! (One day we’ve been there … but that is a story for another map!)