Mie Godhog (Noodles with Soup)

surabaya, east java, ID

Noodle in bahasa Indonesia is "mie". We eat quite a lot of noodle, but that's not consider as staple food, it is more like snack. Because.....we life for rice!!!
Mie Godhog is consider as unique. We can call it special food from Yogyakarta (central Java) area.
Unlike the popular bakmie/mie goreng, that served dry, with strong flavor of sweet soybean sauce, mie godhog served with some soup, without sweet soybean sauce. Well,actually it is not really soup, not that much liquid, but definitely not dry.
This recipe is using "ebi" or small dried shrimp. It is not necessity, actually. This kind of food is open for creativity. The most important is, it have to use classic yellow noodle, and of course served with decent amount of liquid.