Triple C(itrus) Salad

Cornelia Duemling

Hamburg, Hamburg, DE


When I read the topic „my happy meal” for the play along, I had this dish in my head immediately. It is very seasonal as blood oranges are only available here for about two months. So in early February I ordered blood oranges, pink grapefruits and kumquats as well. On a whim I threw them together and it has become a treat I look forward to every delivery (and now the next ten months). Grapefruits, blood oranges and kumquats are complimenting each other’s taste. Add some walnuts and a dollop of greek yoghurt and you have a firework of sweet, tangy, a little bit bitter, crunch and creaminess. Besides the awesome taste I enjoy turning the brightly colored fruits into this dessert so much that after cutting, peeling and filleting I am always smiling, happy and a little high on colors, textures and aromas.