Adventures in Growth Mindset Land

Ohn Mar Win

Hertfordshire, GB


Just as we are familiar with the phrase a journey of 1000 miles begins with the first step, you could view your art practice as fascinating journey as we explore and expand our creative horizons. This foray into Growth Mindset Land will not be without its ups and downs, but think of the view from the top! // We all face very similar obstacles in our creative landscape, from Forests of Frustration, to Plains of Procrastination, but also marvel at the pretty Dell of Delight with its satisfying results and pleasing progress. // Even at the later stages there could be something that could cause a deviation...or a detour from our path. I’d certainly be mindful of monotony, all the tedious things that crop up, maybe a sense of weariness even though we are so close to our intended destination, the Peak of Pride. // If you have navigated this path then you will have a better understanding of the growth mindset that would have taken place in order to reach that summit. I hope there are feelings of pride and accomplishment because it I know myself it is not an easy journey on some days. // Although you will be called upon to muster up a tonne of courage most days, there are many other creatives undertaking the same journey so you will never be alone, and we can cheer each other on.

This map was originally conceived as part of my Skillshare class Daily Art Practice:14 Day Mindset Challenge, about showing up for your art everyday to improve your skill set by getting out of your own way to support your strengths and creativity.