Taquitos “3 Hermanas”: My Happy Meal

Alexandra Bledsoe

Metepec, Estado de Mexico, MX


The Mexican milpa is an incredible agricultural feat invented by Native communities ... It is a plot that grows mixed crops which combined together both nourish the soil and our bodies. The plants complement each other nutritionally and are more environmentally friendly than industrial agriculture. Although in decline, the milpa is still used throughout Mexico.

The name 3 sisters refers to the 3 main sister crops: maize, beans & squash. Everything about this meal makes me happy ... Mexican traditions, Native knowledge, ecology, sustainable agriculture I could go on forever about the milpa ... I hope y’all enjoy!

Hola a los Mexas que andan por acá ... Aquí hice una receta con las tres hermanas de la milpa. Es un taquito de calabacitas pero tambien le agrego frijoles para darle un reconocimiento a la increíble milpa. Espero que disfruten!