Welcome to Queen Bee Coffee Shop in McDonough, Georgia!

Steph Calvert

Atlanta, Georgia, US


Queen Bee Coffee Shop has become such a happy place for me.

Alicia and Micah are so welcoming, so nice, and SO supportive of the local community - including my own ways of trying to give back! I've asked a few places over the years about starting a Drawing Club for kids, and have gotten mixed responses that have all ended up as thanks but no thanks.

When I suggested it to Alicia and Micah last year, it was an instant yes. Bring it on, let these kids come to a free drawing night once a month, do what you need to do. I heart these people so much because they just make Queen Bee Coffee Shop feel like home to me!

If you've been to Queen Bee Coffee Shop in the square in McDonough, Georgia, can you find all the bits and pieces of Queen Bee I worked into this piece?