My Grecian Bucket List

Greece has always dominated my travel bucket list. This country is the birthplace of democracy, the beginning of philosophy, geometry and Pythagorean theorem, Western medicine, the Olympic Games, cartography, olive oil and so on and so forth. Hence it is a synonym for greatness. Whenever travel restrictions are lifted I would like to sit down with a bowl of Greek salad in the culinary paradise of Thessaloniki, explore the theatre of Delphi, visit the oldest olive oil industry in Corfu and the Acropolis in Athens. My illustrated maps shows a few of those places in Northern, Central and Southern Greece I want to visit. This illustration is done traditionally but rendered digitally. Thanks to this PLAY ALONG prompt,I realized that Greece comprises of a dozen shades of blue – from Turquoise to Electric, Tiffany to Cobalt, Aegean to Sapphire.