Foood Trail: Thessaloniki, Greece

I always like to research about the cuisine or the food trail of a particular destination before I travel. So for the PLAY ALONG prompt, I decided why not research about Grecian food trail. Thessaloniki is the "Gastronomic Capital of Greece " because of the variety of informal dining it offers at reasonable prices. I have categorized the food in this illustration as street food and food that can be eaten in a taverna( a Greek restaurant or café). This food trail is specifically designed for those who have a sweet tooth just like myself! Also the girl in this illustration is an avatar of myself who likes to document her travel experiences. Koulouri is a sesame seed-crusted bread ring that is popular all over the country, but they originated in Thessaloniki. Trigona Panoramatos are triangular-shaped folds of buttered phyllo pastry, baked until golden and hollowed out when cooled and dunked in syrup. The crowning glory is when they get filled with pastry cream and topped with chopped almonds. Tsoureki, a brioche-like sweet bread topped with flaked almonds that’s mouth-wateringly delicious on its own. But the locals give it a deeper level of decadence with a melted chocolate coating or a chestnut filling. Koulouri, Trigona and Tsoureki are best served as street food. Bougatsa,a phyllo pastry with a semolina-cream filling dusted with icing sugar and cinnamon and a Greek coffee. There are savoury bougatsas but the sweet version is king and completely Thessaloniki. Greek Halva is a semolina pudding with nuts and raisins. Bougatsa and Halva can be best enjoyed inside a tavern. Did you know that Halva is called Halwa in India and it’s a delicacy which is served in Indian homes during religious ceremonies?