A Mocha Creamy Punch (and day!) to Remember...

Susan Lugar

Southaven, MS, US


I said, “Pass the crackers,” but they heard, “Call the quackers and in split seconds my kitchen “helpers” flapped in laughter and chaos. Zooming just over the sugar bags and bins in “clappity-slaps,” they honked something about making punch! With beady eyes on mission they shouted, “We’re here to help!” Ok, so maybe they can help unlike their buddies in previous posts. Usually if my critters are not dropping stuff they’re stomping up flour clouds and drumming up great grief for me, not making cupcakes. BUT in this case if you want to enjoy the best punch ever please dive in with the ducks. This is delish and I’m not even a coffee drinker. Thanks to my friend, Sandra, and this concoction, that may change!