Musings in Gastronomy


Bangalore, Karnataka, IN


Each plate of food unique to the hands that make it, leaves an empty bowl filled with nuanced possibilities.
How these elemental pieces of the earth we grow, find their way into our meals.
To tether ourselves to the life cycle of the ingredients in the food we eat.

Cynthia Maniglia

Bradenton, Florida, US

Fantastic layout! What a spread ...
Nate Padavick

New York, NY, US

Whoa. I am very impressed.!!!!

Bangalore, Karnataka, IN

Haha thanks Nate !
Salli S. Swindell

Hudson, OH, US

Oh WOW! This is just glorious and a gorgeous celebration of fresh food. LOVE the mushrooms and figs, oh and those sprouts!! Thanks for sharing this masterpiece.

Bangalore, Karnataka, IN

Thank you so much !