Brunch in Seoul


Biarritz, Pyrenees Atlantiques, FR


I remember until the early 2000s, I was not really aware of the word,'brunch' until the famous drama series “Sex and the City” caught the eyes of the Korean audience.
Particularly females fans started to get fascinated by the four women meeting up in a fancy restaurant to enjoy their New Yorker life style.
Since then, the brunch industry has been enormously popular in the Korea.
I have immediately set the table with my favorite brunch menu that I used to enjoy back in Seoul.

Salli S. Swindell

Hudson, OH, US

First I absolutely LOVE that you referenced Sex and the City!! Now I want to binge the entire series...again :-). Your illustration is so yummy!! That egg is looking edible right through my screen. Lovely figs and whipped cream dollops too! Thanks so much for sharing. It's great.

Biarritz, Pyrenees Atlantiques, FR

That is so sweet of you and I appreciate your encouragement ! Glad that I made you into the series again 😂