It’s time for Afternoon Tea

Everyone loves an Afternoon Tea and when the cake trolley comes round it’s hard to choose a favourite. I hope you enjoy my take on the A to Z of Afternoon Tea. #playalong A to Z

Anne Schott
Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario, CA
Illustrator's Circle
Love the pretty patterns on the tablecloth and tea set!!! And the food illustrations, too. A fun illustration to get lost in for a while :)
Thank you so much!  It was really fun to illusttate
This is insane. I would gladly make this my to-do list! Oh, I just noticed how each napkin has its own!
Thank you so much Nate!  It would make a great todo list
Josie this is deliciously delightful!! What a FABulous A to Z theme. I wouldn't even know where to start but that eclair is looking mighty YUM. This would make a super fun puzzle. Thanks for serving up afternoon tea :-)
Thanks Sally!   I love an eclair too. Thank you for your lovely comments