My Very Favorite Breakfast


As a member of your Illustrators Circle, I finally have time to play along and started with your first inspiration to make the healthy breakfast I enjoy most mornings.
I'm new to lettering, as in my book and editorial illustration career I have always worked with art directors and designers who did that for me. I'll keep practicing. As a ceramic artist too, illustrator in porcelain, you can see I made this bowl with my son playing his French Horn. My website is: and my instagram is:

Hi Stephanie!! Thanks for joining our Illustrator's Circle. You definitely know how to create a yummy breakfast. LOVE the creative bowl!!
Thank you Salli, I am honored to have you share my work, and say such nice supportive things about it!  I'm enjoying following you and have made some wonderful on line supportive illustrator friends from your site too.  Very impressed by your work and works of your brother Nate, and how you both reach out to other illustrators of the world and have created a supportive community!  With your help we illustrators are not so isolated in these times. 
Be well, best regards from one of your fan club members, Stephanie Osser