Souvenirs Around the World - A to Z

I love collecting souvenirs whenever I travel. So I thought it would be best if I illustrated souvenirs around the world for They Draw's current Play Along : A-Z. Also, I implemented Salli's Grid style idea into this.
Make sure you collect souvenirs when you travel.

What a fabulous A to Z idea! I hope you get to travel to all of these places. Those little Moroccan slippers are the best!
Thank You Salli! This means a lot.
Suprava--you come up with such clever illustrations--this one is brilliant. I love this formula...the souvenir atop the 2-tone map with a good looking mashup of typography.'ve really seen some places!
Thank You Nate! Although I've never travelled to any other country outside India, I hope to travel to each of the countries represented here...someday. But I do have most of these souvenirs presented to me by my relatives who have travelled.