Long Distance Train Travelling – Packing Essentials from A to Z

Four years ago we decided as a family to quit flying. Since then we have made two month-long train journeys, hopping on and off trains and visiting big and small cities around Europe. We discovered that taking the train is an a m a z i n g way to travel. We also discovered that some items should always be part of the packing …

What GREAT styling! That's the best TP roll :-) A+++++. Such a strong color palette too. You are TOO good!
:-) You are TOO kind!
Petra--this is b-r-i-l-l-i-a-n-t!!! I wish I thought of it. What a great editorial illustration and a fun take on the A-Z theme. I actually own (and wear daily) that red fanny pack! TP...!!! So great.
Thanks Nate! Fanny packs FTW!