A-Z of Delicious Sweet Stuff! Yum!

Play Along A to Z - i thought of doing funny animals first, but changed my mind to Sweet Stuff, because I love drawing cakes and sweet stuff! Yummy! Enjoy!! Jean C.

Anne Schott
Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario, CA
Illustrator's Circle
Impressed with the effectiveness of this limited palette, good job!
Thanks so much Anne! X
Love this combination of colours . The hot pink makes the illustration stand out brilliantly ♥️
Thanks so much Lavi! X
Oh wow. File this illustration under "Wish I drew that!" Jean...this is hot!
Thanks a million Nate!! X
Melissa Elliott
Los Angeles, California, US
Illustrator's Circle
I LOVE this (and immediately wanted one of each). The letters reversed out in the circles, the illustrations, the lettering...wow.
Thanks so much Melissa!! X
Jean!! I LOVE this. The best part is the hot pink background that REALLY showcases the desserts. Nicely done! Great lettering too. I'll snack my way from A to Z...then take a nap :-)
Thanks so much Salli! As long as you don't get a full tummy, everything's okay!!