A to Z Mid Century

Travel back in time to that exuberant, playful era of the 1960s, where people put just about anything in Jell-O, envisioned a future with robots and living on the moon, and celebrated shapes, colors, textures and gold finishes with fervor.

Laura this is so VERY 60's! Valley of the Dolls!!!  I'm so happy you included Mary Quant, I'm still a fan. This is pretty genius!
Thanks, Salli!  I appreciate the feedback very much.  I enjoyed working on this illustration.  Thanks for hosting the Play Along.  
Are you kidding me? This is brilliant Laura! The future was so ... futuristic ... in the 60s, you know? The egg chair next to the deviled egg! That robot. I think I actually once owned a Z chair! And, yes...the ashtrays...so many good ashtrays. Amazing idea and it's so well-executed. Great job Laura.
Thanks so much, Nate!  Your comments mean so much and made me smile!  And yes, there was something about smoking in the 60s.  Does not seem as glamorous or cool now.  Thanks for hosting this Play Along, what great fun.