Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong

Teresa Yeung
Savannah, GEORGIA, US

Hello and nice to meet you! I am Teresa, an illustrator based in Hong Kong. Recently, I lived in Savannah, Georgia. Staying here in Savannah for a few months, I learn a lot of unique cultures and have discovered beautiful scenes and places that I have never encountered in Hong Kong. However, the Western culture may not experience Hong Kong culture and its living style, as it is distinct from here in the US. To describe Hong Kong, I would rather say it is a small crowded, and hectic city. Yet, laughter, pleasure, energy, and enthusiasm fill every corner in Hong Kong. I love Hong Kong, so I decided to depict the place "Sai Ying Pun (西營盤)", which is the place where I lived since I was a child. The work is drawn with gouache paint then edited in Photoshop. Here, you can always find good food, both traditional and fancy stuff. I will never forget the colorful days that I spend in the best place I have known I my life. I am longing to visit back home some years later.

Oh wow Teresa--this started as a gouache painting? I greatly admire your skills. I love the isometric view (so digital) interpreted in an analog style (gouache). Brilliant scene!